Deciding what to wear on your photo shoot can be quite a challenge especially if the whole family is being photographed, but as a general rule I say that comfort is key!


You need to feel your best during these sessions so that your images look their best, remember you are probably going to be placing the family photograph on the walls or shelves of your home or showing them off to your friends and family on facebook.

Once you have booked your photoshoot it’s a good idea to plan ahead, so here’s 10 tips to get you started

  1. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing, choose an outfit that makes you look and feel great.
  2. Try to coordinate your colours with your family and the current season, but don’t all wear the same colours!
  3. Is your home brightly coloured or do you have neutral colours, think about how you want the printed image to stand out at home?
  4. Accessorise your outfit, wearing hats and gloves in the winter months can look great, necklaces and bangles are also great in the summer months, add a scarf or a belt for added texture.
  5. If you have little ones bring along a toy or a favourite teddy, these can look super cute.
  6. Try to avoid too many patterns as these can distract the final images.
  7. I know the little ones love to wear their favourite characters on their t-shirts but these act the same as patterns and can be just as distracting.
  8. Avoid black and white clothing as these can blowout or clip and cause the details to disappear.
  9. It’s a good idea to keep your shoulders and legs covered so your face stands out more than your arms or legs.
  10. Most importantly, be yourself and have fun.

The tips above are just ideas and in reality it’s up to you how you want your images to look, therefore if you have bright pink hair and grungy outfits then that’s just as cool as classic jeans and t-shirts or a smart suit and summer dress.

I look forward to photographing your family.


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