During my family photography sessions my families’ have asked a few common questions, so here’s a little FAQ guide so that know what to expect from my sessions, if you have further questions please feel free to ask so that I can add them to this guide over time.


What locations do you recommend?
As I live in Bedfordshire, we can shoot at one of my favourite local locations such as Stock Grove Park, Rushmere Park, Ashridge or Ivinghoe Beacon, if you have another location you would like to shoot at please let me know as I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting locations.

Can we shoot our session at any location?
If you have a preferred location we can shoot there too, I want you to get the right shots for your family, please contact me prior to booking so that we can make sure we get the right images from your session.

What Are Your Travel Charges?
In most cases I charge 0.45p per mile for travel 5 miles outside of my home town, this is usually for sessions that are approximately 30-40 mins drive away, in some cases bookings are further afield and incur additional hours which significantly extends the session duration, unfortunately additional time has to be factored in to the session fee otherwise it is not financially viable to run the session, and therefore a small long distance fee of £20 per hour of traveling time required.

How long does a session last?
My family experience sessions normally last just over an hour but we can shoot until we get all the shots we need, it’s about the experience and not about the time taken.

Can I reschedule?
Sometimes the weather doesn’t turn out to be as nice as we would like or life just has its days where things can’t be avoided, I want you to get the best possible collection of images from your experience so we can reschedule when things are out of our control.

How can I contact you?
You can use my contact form here to ask me about anything about your session, all confirmed bookings will receive my full contact details before the shoot date.

What should we wear?
I have put together a blog post that covers what you should wear, take a read here.

How many images?
Usually you would receive over 75 images per session presented in both colour & black and white.

Can I print the images?
Yes, you are free to print the images wherever you see fit, however to get the best possible results I also offer competitive print services.

Can I use the images on social media?
Yes, you can can post the images on your social media websites, my only ask is that you mention me when doing so as this helps other families with their decision making when choosing a family photographer.

Do you post images online?
I sometimes like to post images of my recent sessions on my social media pages as it helps me to market my business, however if you feel that you would not like me to do this then I absolutely respect your privacy.

Do you offer printing too?
Absolutely, I recommend that I print your images as this is the only way I can guarantee the finished results, I use professional printing services the are specialists in printing to the right medium.

What if my children are not ‘up for it’ on the day?
When you arrive for your photoshoot it’s best to get your children pre-engaged about the session in advance so they are prepared for the exciting hour ahead.

A couple of key points:

  1. Make sure they have eaten to prevent the hungry tears
  2. If you have travelled by car try to arrive a little early so they are not so sleepy for the start of the session!

Bring toys along for them as this often distracts them at the beginning until they are comfortable with what’s happening. For some children it’s the first time they have been involved in a photography session and can be a little overwhelming, once we start the session they usually begin to interact and forget i’m even there.

Can we bring our pet dog along?
Yes, that’s all fine, pets are a crucial part of the family so I encourage you to bring them along. Please make sure they are leashed as some locations request this.

Do you offer in home sessions?
My sessions are mostly location based as working with natural light at the right time of day gives the best results. If you have a large garden or your family members are not so mobile then I am happy to shoot in a location that works for you. I can also provide backdrops and strobes (flashes) to create a mobile in home studio for around 6 adult sized people in a group. Please contact me prior to booking to discuss further.

Can I have the all inclusive experience without the album?
Ideally I would like you to take away something tangible that you can share with your friends but if you would just like all the images I charge £250.

Do you offer the same experience but at a cheaper price?
I also offer mini sessions that are shorter durations and have a limited number of final images, these are great for taster sessions and gifts.

Can we purchase extra albums for grandparents?
Yes that is possible but best ordered in advance to get the best price, usually around £50 each.



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