The fantastic scenery at Stockgrove Park in Bedfordshire provided the backdrop to the Georgiev families first ever photography session!


I really love the surroundings at Stockgrove Park which offers an almost unlimited amount photographic opportunities for landscapes and family photography sessions, from lush open spaces for families interacting with each other to intimate spaces between the trees allowing for unique and special moments to be captured.

With this sunny Saturday session we started getting to know each other by taking a few casual shots around the open spaces near to the main visitor centre, there were still some long grasses from the hot summer season around which were starting to turn golden as we enter the autumn season; this makes for a great place for the children (Lily, Emma and Nia) to play and also provides a nice backdrop for the initial family photographs, and a moment to capture a quick shot of mum and dad (Ina & Petar) on their own.

We then moved on to our walking shots through Baker’s Wood leading to the wooden carved bench at the the top of the main hill.

On the lead up to the main hill is a nice array of tree roots that almost act as stairs to the arched tree lined area, this provides a nice leading line to position the family and if the light is right you can capture a nice back-lite to enhance the shot. Once on top of the hill we capture our last family pictures on the wooden bench with the woodland backdrop before heading back to the visitor centre.

It was a pleasure to meet Petar, Ina and their 3 children for this family photoshoot and I look forward to more of the same as this is one of my favourite places in Bedfordshire.

More about my Mini Sessions

My mini-sessions are very relaxed and informal, we start the session just getting to know each other to find out what you are looking for from the session, I often ask the children play games which really gets them excited and engaged with the camera, it also makes mum and dad more relaxed knowing everything is going to be great. My sessions are on the move which gives my clients the opportunity get an array of different shots, I find this offers so much more than a static “One location” session and is a real taste of my longer location sessions.

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